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Hi everybody, welcome! Please join me as I play the wizard behind the curtain today and interview Terry, creator of the web's newest cooking and home decor blog.

Wiz: So tell us why does the world need another home decor and cooking blog?
Terry: I cook and I decor.  And I have 10,000 words a day to use up that my husband can't possibly listen to.

Wiz: What is it about crafts and DIY that interests you?
Terry: I dig on creating something out of nothing, using the creative part of my brain whether its ingredients for cooking or decorating. And nothing thrills me more than cooking for people that enjoy my cooking.

Wiz: Well, do you have to put so much detail into your posts? Really.
Terry:  Oh sorry about that. I kinda' have this little OCD thing going and usually it works for me, but it makes me pretty anal too. But also when I just started reading blogs, I really appreciated the ones that gave The Most information because I can be surprisingly clueless sometimes. So when I started writing my own blog, the detailed tutorials just fit my personality.  If they bug you, read fast.

Wiz: Hmmm. How good a cook are you?
Terry: Let's just say I haven't been asked to bring the chips in a while.

Wiz: Let's assume for the moment, you know your way around the kitchen, how did you get to be a good cook?
Terry:  My mom worked outside the home so my sister and I learned to cook as a youngster. I've always liked trying new recipes. The only way you're going to become a really great cook (and I'm not there yet either) is trying new things. I made it a habit to try a new one every week. The kids hated it when the answer was "its a new recipe" when they asked what's for dinner. Not every recipe is a keeper. Toss those and move on and before you know it, you will have a solid base of your special recipes.

Wiz:  If you had one hour to spend any way you wanted, what would you do?
Terry: Spend it with family. We have 3 grown children, all married with their own young families so time with them all is precious. Can't get enough of it. And we're a bottomless well when it comes to the grandchildren.

Wiz: (Sorry she told me to ask this one, because she wants to show her pictures.) Tell us about your grandchildren.
Terry: Oh, thanks for asking. I didn't know you were going to ask that. Well, there's smart as a button Benjamin. I call him grandma's sweetheart. Then our little pistol Hannah. She's grandma's angel. And the twins Abigail Pearl (isn't that the sweetest?) and Isaac David (he's the cuttlebug and eyes blue as the Colorado sky).  And last but certainly not least precious Rowen Sierra. Would you just look at her in her loveliness?

Wiz:  Any Mr. TastyNest?
Terry: You better believe it! And if you like me at all, you're going to flip for him! He can hardly wait to make himself "available for consultations" but since he doesn't craft and while he cooks a few things, he's not about to slow down and take any pictures, I'm not sure how we're going to bring him to the party. But rest assured, the two of you shall meet.  Here's a little sneak peak at my man.

Cutest thing on two wheels, right? The rest of him is equally as cute but it pleases me to serve him up in bites.

Wiz: Any bad habits you want to tell us about before we find out?
Terry: Well, I don't have any priors or anything if that's what you mean. I do have to turn over a new leaf everyday with my swearing.  That bugs me.  I so don't want our pastor to call me some day after seeing this blog and say "WTH(eck) Terry?!!"

Wiz: Any final words Terry? Then I think we better let you go take a nap or something. You seem kind of cranky.
Terry: Not at all, just funnin' with you. But I hope you'll all stick around with me while I learn my way through the blog world.  I'm sure to make some (more) mistakes along the way but I know we'll have some fun making them. Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

I love the website, i have had those cinnamon rolls and they are delish. Your family is growing and they are cuties. i do need something for my necklaces so i think i'm going to try and make me one and a few more for granddaughters. Better yet, we may make that a craft day so gramma can spend time with granddaughters.

Linda said...

I found you via pinterest and so want to make the cinnamon rolls... However, 2 stores later and I only found Rhodes in an aluminum pan that you pop into oven! Not the bag kind. Do you think I could try it with them?

Terry@tastynest.blogspot.com said...

Hi Linda,

Oh darn. Don't you just hate that? I bet they would turn out similar. Just don't use as much of the dry pudding mix/butter since its a smaller pan and I am not familiar with the rising instructions so you might have to adjust those. Please let me know how they turn out in case other people want to use that variety too. Best of luck! I hope you'll be eating these soon!