Countertop Salt Jar

I cook a lot. I think I might have mentioned that. So I wanted a salt container that I could leave out on the counter that I wouldn't have to go to the spice cupboard each time. I've seen some salt cellars at specialty stores that were incredibly expensive and didn't have a wow factor for me. So, I set about re-creating something in my own style.

Over the next couple thrift store visits, I found a perfect little white crock for a couple dollars. It had no markings and clean lines.

Back at home, I searched online for an image I liked and saved it to my computer. From one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Just Something I Made, I'd already learned about inkjet waterslide decal paper. I LOVE it! You can make so many cool things without having a pricey machine, just using your printer. Cathe from JSIM recommends getting the decal paper from here so I did and was happy with my order but I've since seen it on Amazon too. Maybe you can even find it locally?

•Step #1: Design your decal. Using the measurements of the crock, I knew the maximum size I could make the image and sized it just slightly smaller.

•Step #2: Set your printer as follows:
◦Resolution = Best
◦Paper = Photo Gloss (Print your decal on the glossy side of decal paper.)
Print the decal.

•Step #3: Spray your printed sheet evenly with Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear High Gloss spray until the sheet has a shine (2-3 coats). Allow 30 to 60 minutes to dry and set. (This product is available at any craft or hardware store such as Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Walmart, etc. Really any acrylic clear coat spray will work.)

•Step #4: Cut out your image.

•Step #5: Place decal into a cup of clean warm water for 45-60 seconds and remove when the thin decal film begins to slip along backing. (Discard backing material after the decal has been removed)

•Step #6: Apply decal to clean surface (works on ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, soap, candles, mylar balloons, etc. )

•Step #7: Use paper towel to blot excess water and smooth water bubbles to edges. Blot. Let dry.

I filled my crock with kosher salt and use it all the time. It holds about 2 cups so there's always plenty.  Give this idea a try in your kitchen and save yourself a few steps a day.


Anonymous said...

What a cute idea!

Sarah said...

I love this, I think I might need one now too1

Faith said...

Love it! Now to find the perfect crock!

Denise said...

This is an amazing idea! LOVE it!!