Something for the Kiddo's in my Christmas Cards

I've started working on our Christmas cards, a little later than I wanted to. This will be just the second year that I've made our card and I'm strictly an amateur at best. But I was working away and got to thinking about all the precious children in the families we'll be sending cards to and I stopped to consider that a Christmas card isn't much fun for them. So, I halted my card-making for a couple days to work on a little project for the young 'uns. I call it a Build a Santa Kit.

I found a picture of a simple Santa I liked online and using my Silhouette, cut out all Santa's parts for as many kits as I needed. You could purchase cut-out dies from the scrapbooking department at a craft store and put together your own picture if you want to do it without a machine. I used my other favorite machine, the Xyron to make each part an adhesive sticker. I wanted to make these as stress-free as possible for moms and dads. They have their hands full at this time of year especially. I made copies of the finished Santa picture to include as a guide and did a couple adhesive labels, one with the kit name and the other with the directions for assembling. I put everything into a small clear cellophane bag and closed it with a small Zot (clear adhesive dot).

Here are the finished kits, front and back.

I'll have to pay attention come mailing time to envelopes that have kits in them and make sure they have enough postage on them. I was thinking something like this would make a neat advent calendar with a little project for each day. But you'd have to really plan ahead to get that done in time. Maybe next year.

Merry Christmas little ones. I had fun thinking of each of you while I made these!

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