Tip for Driver's License

Hi everyone! I have a super-super-easy but genius tip for you. A sales clerk taught me this a few years back and I can't even tell you how many times since, I've received compliments on it.  You know how when clerks (or police or bartenders for some of you) ask to see your driver's license and you go to get it out of your wallet, you never can quite grasp it especially when there's a long line of people waiting on you, because it's under that thick clear plastic thing? Solution coming. Ready? Get out your notepad and pay attention now. This is pretty heavy.You'll need your driver's license and tape. I use packing tape, the kind with the string in it. You can use scotch tape but just know it will get brittle as it ages and eventually you'll have to redo it and then you'll have gummy stuff on your license and who needs that?

Tear a piece of tape about 2".  Stick about 1/4" of the tape onto one short edge of your license on the back side. Fold the tape in half at 1" and bring it back upon itself and stick the other end of the tape onto the front of your license (about 1/4"). When choosing right or left short edge of your license, if you can plan ahead and think how your wallet opens to show your license right side up for clerks when you're not required to remove it BUT leave our handle out, all the better. The exact measurements aren't important, just the idea.  Leave enough tape on your license to get a good grasp but not enough to obstruct any information. The police are kinda' funny about that. You know what else they're funny about? When they stop you  and you can't figure out how to roll down the power windows and you keep locking the doors and rolling down all the other windows but yours because its night and you're flustered, then you start laughing behind your window. Oh wait. They're NOT funny about that. Good way to make sure they're gonna' have to go ahead and give you the ticket rather than the warning.

But I digress. So what you have essentially made is a little handle to grasp your license to pull it out.  Whew! Tired? Ready to call it a day? I won't tell if you go put your feet up for a while. May you all get warnings instead of tickets. But I promise you're going to get lots of compliments - clerks will tell you you're a genius!

(Sorry about the picture quality. I was a little freaky about putting my license out there.)

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