Craft Room Makeover

My brother is turning 50 next week. I bought his card yesterday (Shhh. He hasn't seen it yet.) that said "Turning 50? Look on the bright side...Bright side?!! There's no bright side! There's a bright light, but you're going to want to stay away from that." Hahahahhahahaha. I'm still laughing but I'll spare you more hahas. Cracks me up. He's going to love it. But why do I tell you that story you're asking yourself?  Well, about 18 months ago I got laid off from a job I loved. It really threw me for a loop. I couldn't imagine what I was going to do with myself or my time. I had a hard time even getting out of bed not to mention committing to anything. It hurt my pride, I had never been let go from anything, well if you don't count the A&W manager who sent me home after a half day and said I clearly wasn't getting it. No, HE wasn't getting it. Somehow he overlooked my great restaurant-ing skills. So anyway... fast forward, I gave up my primo office space upstairs to my husband and took over the larger but freezing office in the garden-level basement. My friend Lisa talked me into it (and of course it was the right thing to do anyway) pointing out that I could make it a joint craft room/office. What's that she said?!! Craft room? I've never dreamed of having a craft room. So I hopped on that train and set about making one for as little as possible. Now that I wasn't working, funds are quite a bit tighter. Good thing I shop the thrift, huh? Let me show you what I did.

The basis for the room was this Craigs List cabinet score ($25). My husband wasn't too sure about it but it has worked out perfectly! It has loads of storage for my paint, tools, adhesives, paper, etc. I labeled the drawers and glued a tape measure along the front edge for quick measurements. Side story, same brother called me while I was glueing the tape measure on and said "whatcha' doing?" I paused and said "Ugh, I don't want to tell you." He dragged it out of me "I'm glueing a tape measure on my cabinet."  For about 30 seconds, I think he thought I'd gone around the bend...again. But we had a good laugh. The tape measure was one of my sweet mother-in-law's and that makes me smile each time I see it. I did have a tv on top of the cabinet but I freecycled it. I found that I get in the crafting zone and never turn it on.

I found the unpainted turntable at the thrift for a couple dollars and painted it ivory, then stapled a piece of elastic across each opening to keep everything in that might be tempted to fly out. So far everything stays in well but the grandbabies are coming for Christmas and I can see that thing holding some army men and flying! Just saying... I use it to hold stamp pads and brads and buttons for card-making.

The light-green tray was bright red before I painted it and now holds my Cuttlebug dies and embossers. I love that its open for finding just what I need.

The two shelf unit was a cheap, open black piece. I hated it because my stuff kept falling off the back. I bought a discount piece of taupe matboard and cut it to size and stapled it on the back, after painting the whole piece ivory. I labeled all my glitters, embossing powders, etc and store them on this piece.

The wicker basket on the right is my idea basket. My Pottery Barn catalogs reside there as well as other pages that I've torn from other magazines, etc. It works better for me than a binder because I can edit it quickly and find what I need in a flash. I still need some art for this wall. Its a little bare. But I have something in mind that I'm hoping Santa might bring this year.

A senior friend of my parents (thanks Aunty Hazel!) very generously gave me this adorable table and two chairs. I love it! It needed quite a bit of rust removal, then my husband primed and painted the legs for me. The table is just the right size for one of my cutting mats. That way, I can leave it out and not be tempted to make a quick cut on my desk top when I'm too lazy to drag a cutting mat out. I didn't say I've done that, I just said I've been tempted. Okay I've done it countless times and been lucky so far. I keep a receptacle out on the table for small bits of trash, especially with card-making.

On a bookcase behind my desk, I keep my machines. Lucky girl that I am, I got my Silhouette for Christmas  last year. I use the Cuttlebug all the time and the Xyron sticker machine. I keep my sentiment and acrylic stamps in two vintage cases.  I found the paper tray at the thrift store and use it to sort paper scraps. Card-makers keep any scraps over a couple inches and these can be a real mess. This sorter works great for me.

I stay organized using the dry-erase calendar and memo board next to my desk.  No fair peeking to see what's coming up.

On my desk, I wanted something that would help me hide all my stuff and also increase my square ft. I found this great cubby unpainted at the thrift for $5. I painted and decoupaged a pretty paper on top. I use the cubby for my markers, camera, batteries and my trusty steed, my labeler.

Well we've made our way around the room. Notice there's a comfy but currently empty seat waiting for you to come visit.

I'm still unemployed. There's been some challenges the past 18 months for sure. We have lots of company there as the country learns to cut back and live within their means too. I think that's been good in some ways, don't you? We've also seen our share of blessings. I'm going to bet the farm that the Lord knows what he's up to with me. (Wait, "bet the farm" is that a saying for people who die? I'm just guessing, not dying.) And I look on the bright side, I would never have a craft room OR time for crafts and blogging, if I was still working that job.  Its just that bright light I want to stay away from. Hahahahhahahha. Take good care.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, this site is so much fun to watch and read. It is so you and brings many smiles to me. I love every idea. Keep them coming. I have tried a couple of your ideas and love them. Thanks Melanie