Smooth and Creamy Seafood Pasta

I have been struggling with my crafts lately. Or rather I am struggling with the winter cold and how its affecting my crafting. I live in usually gorgeous Colorado which granted is not the Arctic front but it might as well be for my purposes. I have several things I'm itching to whip out but almost all of them call for spray paint.  I bet, unless you also live in a cold climate, you don't even know that you can't spray paint unless its above 50*F? I'm so jealous right now of all you southern and California DIY-ers who haven't even missed a beat. Oh spring, wherefore art thou my spring?  Please come soon. One area I'm not struggling in is the kitchen.  I've been working up a rosy glow making some super-deliciousness. Who knows, you might get all recipes until spring. Would you really mind that?

I've been craving this Seafood Pasta something fierce the last couple weeks. It's always been one of my family's very favorites and I'm sure you're going to love how quickly it comes together in under 15 minutes. It's a perfect weeknight supper! When the kids were all home, it wasn't too often that the budget had room for seafood for a family of 5. About the only seafood we had regularly was of the "pretender" variety. I'm a tiny bit hesitant to give you a recipe using fake crab. Don't judge us from being from the trailerhood until you taste Please let me know how you like it.  Besides, it's still fish...ugh fish protein. Sounds good for you, right?

I did a little bit of research just in case you're asking yourselves what the heck is surimi. The seafood used is probably Alaskan pollack (whiting) fish. The surimi refers to the processed fish after it's been minced, rinsed and then the water is removed leaving a paste called a surimi. Stabilizers and flavor enhancers are added including natural and artificial crab flavors. Some of these flavorings are made from real crab or from boiled shells. I felt better after looking this up. But let's move on because really this is yummy in your tummy and I'm afraid I'm going to talk you out of it if I keep talking.

16 oz imitation crab
8 oz cream cheese, cut into 1" pieces.
1 stick margarine
1/4 C Parmesan cheese, shredded or grated
1/2 C milk, may use a little more or less
pinch dill
ground black pepper
wide flat egg noodles

Drop noodles into boiling salted water. Meanwhile make sauce: melt margarine. Over low hear and using flat spatula, "knead" cream cheese into melted butter until lumps are gone.  Work with it a couple minutes and all of a sudden you'll see it come together smooth as silk!

Add milk a 1/4 C. at a time until its the consistency you like. A little on the thinner side is best to start with. It thickens up some while you're wating on the noodles. Add Parmesan cheese, dill and lots of ground black pepper.

Chop seafood into small bite size pieces. Don't make the mistake of thinking if you chop it up tiny, it will go farther. You want to bite into a piece of fish to have the full experience. Add chopped seafood to sauce and reheat. Keep warm until noodles are finished.  Top noodles with seafood and dig in!

MMMmmm.  Quick, Easy and Cheap - it's a trifecta! Wait! And delicious! What's bigger than a trifecta?

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