Christmas Ready!

Finally! I know you all have been ready for some time, haven't you? Seems like it takes me longer and longer each year to get ready. I don't know what my problem is (well besides my OCD but that goes without saying.) I wanted to take my time and go through my decorations and purge some (look out kids, you have some ornaments to look through when you're here) and then got sidelined baking, etc. One of my favorite local shops went out of business after Christmas last year so I bought quite a bit of new stuff at 75% off and then picked up a few other things at after-Christmas sales here and there. I only bought one thing at full price this season but I had to have it (I'll show it to you later.) Anyway I finally quit my lolly-gagging and finished up the decorating just in time for Christmas. And I love it! Its more of a planned look for us and less homespun. Let's start the tour in the family room where we spend the majority of our time. We always have a live tree and the last couple years we've ordered it via the internet. I know... crazy! But its fantastic! Both years, its been beautfully shaped and has kept it's needles longer than any tree we've bought at a local lot. Plus it comes right to our door. I always laugh to picture the poor UPS man carrying all those trees but I don't think we would go back. It's not cheap (about $80 + $25 shipping) but live trees of equal size on the lots were costing nearly that much anyway and dead within days of setting them up. Trinity Trees promises to ship within a day or two of cutting them compared to weeks for lot trees. I decorated the tree with a red, white and silver theme this year. We love the fresh, clean look of it! There are more ornaments than this pictures looks like, the glass ones aren't showing up well. I promise its not this bare.

The tree sits right next to the fireplace so I carried the color theme over to the mantel too. The mantel decor is just a tad busy for my tastes but there isn't anything I'd take away. Its mostly thrift finds except the red and white ho ho ho balls I got at the store closing sale.

My favorite things on the mantel are the two silver kings. I found them at the thrift last year and fell in love. I always smile when I see them and think they may be looking for the baby Jesus but they also need to be looking for their friend, the 3rd wise man. I try to help them and always have my eyes open for him. Poor 3rd wise man, out in the cold somewhere. Does he even know I'm looking for him?

See the little greenhouse with the tiny hanging red plants? It's my Ode to Martha. Its the closest I will ever get to having a greenhouse that I can decorate for the holidays. It makes me happy. Well... 99 cents happy.

I made the white star banner from a package of glittery cardboard stars I got at the thrift last year. I only used a fraction of what was in the package so I have plenty for another project TBD. The stars have an aged appearance, I can't be sure if they are old or newer but I love the banner. This is the view from our favorite seats. With the lights off and tree on, its so sweet and peaceful. I don't even want to go to bed.

 Yes, that's one of our dog's bed in front of the fireplace but we rarely turn the fireplace on right now because we don't want to dry out the tree. Sorry Marshall.

"But what if I have snow on my nose and give you my best stare-down?" Nope, no can do.  I'll tell you what my dad told me, go put a sweater on if you're cold.   See me after the 25th.

This white cupboard sits in the other end of our family room. I was always going to paint it but never have.  I love the mercury glass ornaments! Hmmm. This is starting to sound pretty materialistic, isn't it? I love everything. Can we just agree, that when I say I love something that means "I Really like the look". I know I am supposed to love people not things and most of the time I do.  Does it help my case if the things I love were gotten at the thrift? No, I guess not. Shoot.

I really tried to not over-decorate this year. I left 4 of the built-in shelves alone and just styled this one. The lighted Kinkaid houses were gifts from friends while the beaded garland and snow sign were thrift finds.

This is our entry table. Sticking with the red, white and silver theme. Love how this turned out. Too stinkin' cute.

The photo on the wall is my son and beautiful daughter-in-law. They were married at our house last summer and are celebrating their first Christmas together from their home in California this year. Blowing you both kisses from Colo.

Santa is hanging by his hat next to the front door.  Got Santa at the store closing and found the wreath hanger at the thrift.

You might want to look away here. People either love this next one or hate it. Don't say I didn't warn you. Close your eyes...ta da!

THIS is the tree I grew up with. Silver in all its glory as God intended Christmas trees. You don't see many of these anymore. Yes, I know many of you are thanking the good Lord for that but this one always makes me smile. I think I was the only one in the family who would take it off my parent's hands. You're welcome mom and dad. And what's a silver tree without a color wheel?  I remember laying underneath it as a kid watching the tree change colors.


I usually put baskets of pointsettias everywhere but this year settled on just one on the kitchen counter. I think the green pitcher really sets off the red (see now I'm paranoid about saying I love it?!!)

And this snowflake tree was a gift this year from a dear friend. Isn't it cute?

Back when we began, I told you I only bought one thing at full price this season. Well, that wasn't entirely true. I bought three. Here they are. Aren't they gorgeous? And I DO love these. So sue me.

Sorry for the dark picture. We had a big snowfall here in Colo. and its hard to get a get a good picture with either too much light or not enough later in the day.

And finally bringing up the rear (hee hee), this little red cardinal sits on a wintry nest on a cupboard in the bathroom.

Thanks for taking my Christmas tour. Its been my pleasure showing you how I decorate for the holidays. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas with lots of good family time and some quality rest if you need it. 



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