Bow Hanger

Our Rapunzel has so many barrettes and bows, she was swimming in them. Frugal daughter and I saw an adorable hanger in a kids boutique but the cost ($36) was shocking for this do-it-yourselfer.  This project was easy and so much fun to make. First get your husband to cut you a 15" x 6"-ish pine board or if your husband is like mine and is on his own timetable, purchase one at any of the craft stores. No offense honey, and no we don't have to have the talk again about how the j.o.b. is more important than my handicrafts. Got it.

The board can be any shape you wish. While you're at the store, choose a couple sheets of scrapbook paper that will act as the background, paint for the edges, 3 yds of 1/2" ribbon and 2-3 packs of 3D stickers. I love the K&Company stickers.

If the board does not already have a hanger on the back, install one. Paint the edges of the board bringing paint onto front of board slightly. Piece two sheets of paper together and tape on back of paper to keep together. Lay the board upside down on the papers and trace the pattern. Cut out pattern, being careful to keep paper together. Layer mod-podge down on front of board then lay paper. While still wet, layer mod-podge over paper and let dry.

Cut ribbon into (5) 18" pieces. Space out 5 ribbons across board and staple one end to front of board.
Decorate board with stickers using as much as you like. Cover staples with stickers. Hang bows and barrettes on ribbons.

Super cute and fit for a princess!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a LOT of bows! :)

Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

I L.O.V.E. this ! I make bow boards for my daughter, which is a fabric covered art canvas with ribbon and I clip the bows on But, I love the board and how it's decorated. So cute!