Office Update

I have been cracking the whip on myself to finish all the projects I had started around here. I've made pretty good progress but just haven't sat down long enough to write them up for you. Ah, you know that's not true, don't you?  The part about not sitting down long enough, not the part about making progress. Truth be told, I'm a professional sitter-downer.  I could open my own business if there was a call for it. Too bad I don't know anyone who needs help with their sitting down. So, here I am sitting down, with a plethura of projects to tell you about.  I've made a few changes in the office that have really helped me out; given me more storage and inspiration so I thought I would start there.

Remember my stamp pad caddy? I wasn't happy with having to take out all the stamps to find the color I liked. I wanted them individually displayed. So I've been keeping my eyes open for something that would work better. I see these wooden cassette holders all the time at thrift stores, some bigger and some smaller. I chose a bigger one so I would have room to grow.

The slots were too small to hold a stamp pad so I took some heavy snips and cut every other horizontal slat to make the spaces twice as tall. Perfect!

This one already had two holes drilled out of the back for hanging it which I thought was brilliant. So easy to mark the wall and put up some Command hooks.

I found the white tin tray at the thrift store and it fits perfectly on top to hold small punches.

My previous small shelves weren't enough for holding all my supplies and when I came across this shelving unit for $5 at the thrift store, I snapped it up. I was going to paint it but after cleaning it, I'm not so sure. I'm also thinking of painting the drawer fronts of my $25 Craigs List cabinet and getting new handles this summer. What do you think? Is it worth the trouble?

I had a fabric memo board that looked cool but I wasn't really using it. I've always liked these wire frame ones. I found this one for just $3 at the thrift because almost all the clothespins were broken. I took them off by unwrapping the wire and used some mini-clothespins I get from PartyAmerica.  I love looking at my family while I'm in my craft office.

The perpetual calendar was another thrift find for $3. Isn't is cute? I adore it!

And landing on my desk, is my latest project. I was getting annoyed digging out my password file all the time but remembering the bazillions of log-ins that are required for daily business was getting downright impossible in my advanced years. :)  I needed something that would keep that information handy but out of sight too.  I saw this photo frame at the thrift and knew it was just what was called for. Yes, it was a little dated and not something I would ordinarily pick out but look at it now!

I painted the stand Krylon Celery green and the photo frames Heirloom White (there are two photo frames so the piece looks cute coming and going). In the clear photo sheets behind my cutie granddaughter Rowen, are individual pages for Shopping, Websites, Home, Blog and Travel.  I used a vintage notebook scrapbook paper and on each page I have a table that lists Sites with their User Names and Passwords.  I compromised with my husband and did not put any especially private information, like credit cards on it just in case the wrong eyes were curious. (I apologize for the ugly White-Out in the picture!)

I love the greeting cards created by Pondering Pool. She also offers 11x14 poster size prints which I framed in thrift-store frames painted black (they really are hung straight though you couldn't tell by the shadows.)  I know they might be a little creepy at first glance, but they crack me up every time I look at them.  Different strokes for different folks... Live and let live people.  for those who enjoy them too.

And that's my newly done office.  Ever evolving to hold my hoard of craft supplies.  

See you tomorrow for a yummy ice cream recipe!